POW Zine 2019  
the power of women.
POW Film Fest is Portland’s premiere film festival showcasing films directed by women. POW was created, in part, to celebrate women in their quest to thrive and grow in the film industry. The Directors zine supported that effort by boosting the visibility over 90 women and non-binary directors within the local Portland area.
Since being published, the zine has been featured in the Portland Mercury.  Read the article here.
C R E D I T 
Creative Direction: Nora Colie | Designer: India Myers | Photographer: Emma Browne | Cover Art: Elisa Seitzinger | Photo Editor: Lindsey Domes | Copy Editor: Audrey Van Buskirk & Melissa Lilly
As a volunteer for POW Film Fest, I worked alongside the creative director, Nora Colie, developing a style and layout for the zine. The ancient warrior cover illustration by Elisa Seitzinger and the classical, studio photography taken by Emma Browne helped to develop its visual language. The combination of photography and illustration created a style of mystical, antique elegance that called for a dramatic type treatment and a simple black and white printing. To add another dimension to the antique, feminine vibe of the zine, we decided to print on a rose-toned paper. 
The arch of titles work as a visual cue – leading the eye to connect the director's name to their story and journey in the industry.     
To celebrate the launch of the zine, POW held a party at Desert Island Studio full of wine, la criox, and an 80's backdropped photo booth. ​​​​
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