Micheal Saunders 
& Company
nowhere but here.
Michael Saunders & Company is the leading real estate brokerage on Florida’s Gulf Coast. The brand and its founder, Michael (a woman), are legendary. As a part of the 1000watt team, I supported the development of the brand as we reconnected it to its roots while creating a campaign and visual system that carried it boldly forward.

c r e d I t
Creative Agency: 1000watt | Creative Direction: Patrick Sanders | Design: India Myers | Writing: Larry Werner & Darcy Walker |  Photography: James Hill | Web Development: Anton Korzhuk 
After the strategist and writer established the strategy and brand story that would underpin our approach, the creative director and I got to work on a vibrant new visual system inspired by the colors and textures of the beautiful Gulf Coast. 
Michael Saunder & Company's main office is located in Sarastoa, FL, a city filled with art, culture, and is home to the Ringling College of Art and Design. Because of the community's strong connection to art, we wanted to create a library of bold, expressive patterns and textures to help revitalize the brand.
I personally developed a series of fluid paintings and illustrative patterns to showcase the movement and flow of the Gulf Coast ocean.
The pattern work was inspired by Michael Saunders' love for wearing bright colorful silk scarves. I pulled inspiration from classic silk designers, such as Emilio Pucci, and the collaged paintings of Henri Matisse's Cut-Out series. The patterns live at a harmonious intersection between fashion, art, and nature helping the brand to fully encompass the voice of the region.
To create an anchor point for the campaign, we designed and built the “Nowhere but here” microsite: a place where agents and the public could go to learn about Michael Saunders & Company’s roots and ties to the local communities.
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