Latter & Blum
a l w a y s  b u i l d i n g .
Latter & Blum was founded in 1916. The Merrick family bought the firm in 1986 and subsequently acquired other, smaller, brokerages across the state of Louisiana. As a part of the 1000watt team, I supported the project to help unify these companies under one brand.

c r e d i t
Creative agency: 1000watt | Creative director: Patrick Sanders | Designers: India Myers & North Bryan | Strategist: Joel Burslem | Copywriter: Larry Werner 
Our task: create a visual identity and campaign that would preserve a brand beloved in New Orleans, but would also be embraced by agents and consumers across a proudly diverse state rooted in regional identity. ​​​​​​​
Louisiana is rich in culture, diversity and regional pride. The new visual identity system had to reflect that. We drew from the regional flags we saw as we traversed the state; re-interpreted the fleur-de-lis we saw throughout New Orleans; developed a color palette at once vibrant and elegant. 
We formed these things into a system, capped by a new logo, that could carry the brand statewide for years to come.
Latter & Blum calls itself a “family of families.” Within the company, one feels the truth of that. There is a sense of constantly pushing forward, adding to what is, and creating new opportunities. This company builds. It builds communities, careers, lives.
The new company campaign and rallying cry, "Always building" captures that character.
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